Thursday, 13 February 2014 23:07


I waited for YEARS to receive a Valentine’s card from a boyfriend but I never managed to tie a man down for long enough to see it through to February 14th.  Calling me Bridget Jones was an understatement.  I just wasn’t lucky in love, don’t get me wrong I did have the occasional lovely boyfriend along the way, but they just weren’t meant to be and the New Year would come around and it would all break off.  For years, I hosted the girlie get together on the big day of love, it was great fun - my girls rocked and they were the loves of my life but they all coupled off long before I did.  

And then…along he came.  Just when I’d given up hope and was contemplating buying a load of cats, along he came.  The one.  We knew pretty quickly that we wanted to be together forever, and once we’d made it past my previous dating record of 9 months I was pretty confident a Valentine’s card would come my way when February came round. 

But no, no such luck.  It’s his birthday.  And you shouldn’t have to buy someone ELSE a treat on your birthday should you?!  Apparently.  I had to face it pretty early on that there’s no treats coming my way, however much I might secretly hope for a little Tiffany bag or big bunch of roses on Valentine’s morning ;)  In all fairness, he tells me loves me every day so I don’t feel left out, we still get to celebrate and I love to see all of the declarations on Facebook and flower deliveries to the office as the day goes on.    

So, as this is my first year at The Secret Dress House on Valentine’s Day (and while we’re not allowed to utter anything about it in our house) I’ve decided to make a fuss of my lovely brides who to come to visit over the weekend.  We’ve got luscious red roses to give away (with welcome discounts included) and don’t expect me not to be sharing the chocolates with you all.  Hell, we might even have a bit of fizz on the go if the shelves haven’t completely cleared by Friday afternoon!  Come and join us over the weekend and tell us your romantic plans and make me jealous.  

Oh and I suppose I should say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the husband, light of my life, better than sliced bread, favourite person in the whole wide world.  


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